What is propane-butane?

Propane-butane, also known as LPG /an initialism consisting of the first letters of the English words for Liquefied Petroleum Gas/ is a mixture of light hydrocarbons in a gaseous state of aggregation under atmospheric temperature and pressure.

How is it obtained:

It is extracted from petroleum and natural gas deposits and also comes as a result of petroleum processing in refineries. Propane-butane or Autogas (LPG) – the alternative fuel.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is fuel with main components propane and butane, which under normal temperature and pressure is in a gaseous state of aggregation and in cases of increased pressure – a liquid. The main advantages of using LPG as motor fuel are:

• The LPG fuel enters the engine as an aerosol, thus washing out the oil film from the cylinder walls and does not dilute the oil in the oil pan. This slows down the process of wear and tear of the cylinders and increases the operational resource of the engine.

• LPG is easily mixed with air and equally fills in the engine cylinders with uniform mixture of fuel and air, therefore the engine works sustainably and quietly. The oil and air mixture burns out almost completely and does not form carbon deposits on the pistons, valves and sparking plugs. The plugs need to be replaced much rarely.

• The higher octane number of LPG (103-105) practically excludes the appearance of detonations that are extremely harmful for the engine.

• The use of LPG leads to significant reduction of the harmful substances contained in the burned gases and is environmentally friendly. LPG does not contain lead or sulfur which damage the car accelerator and oxygen sensor.

• LPG burns a little more slowly compared with petrol, which reduces the pressure on the piston group and the crank axle; however the dynamic properties of the engine are also reduced (by 2-5%). It is recommended the advance of the ignition time to be increased by 3-5°, in order to partially compensate the reduced dynamics of the motor vehicle.

• The LPG price is significantly lower than that of petrol and economies can be achieved.


• Mounting of an additional fuel tank reduces the volume of the trunk and increases the car mass.

• The engine power and the dynamic properties of the car are reduced by 5-7 %.

• The process of refueling takes more time.

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